DASEIN-EXSIM Scholarship & Study Grants

DASEIN-EXSIM Scholarship & Study Grants
Amount: Scholarship
Location of Study: Malaysia
Study Level: Degree

The purpose of DASEIN-EXSIM Scholarship & Study Grants is to encourage more talented students with financial constraints to take on the challenge of a career in the profession of art & design.


  1. Dasein-EXSIM Scholarship is only applicable for new enrollment and offered strictly to full-time registered students at Dasein Academy of Art.
  2. The minimum criteria for the scholarship application are as follows:
    1. Results requirements, SPM or UEC : 6As and above / O-Level  : 4As and above
    2. Applicants should be active in curricular activities (attach supporting documents if any).
    3. Applicants to demonstrate strong interest and passion in art and design (attach portfolio if any).


Application Guideline

  1. Applicant is required to submit SPM / UEC / IGCSE / O-level or other equivalent qualifications results upon the application. Forecast result is not accepted.
  2. Application opens from 15 January till 15 June 2021*. Incomplete or late submissions will not be entertained. Selected candidates will be contacted for interview within June 2021*, failure to attend may lead to disqualification unless valid reasons and supporting documents are presented.
  3. Apply here.


Terms & Conditions

  1. The scholarship quantum awarded is in the form of tuition fee deduction; it is not a cash award. The schedule of miscellaneous fees must be paid as and when required, in accordance to Dasein Academy of Art’s policy on enrollment and fees. The scholarship only covers tuition fee deduction in subjects enrolled for the first time (first attempt), NOT for the ‘repeat’ subjects.
  2. In the event that the recipient withdraws from the program, is suspended or terminated by Dasein Academy of Art at any point in time, before the completion of the program, the scholarship shall be automatically terminated. However, should the recipient withdraw from the program due to the medical reasons, his/her scholarship may be retained, subject to the absolute discretion of the committee, and only after the recipient has provided adequate supporting medical documents acceptable to Dasein Academy of Art.
  3. Should such withdrawal, termination or suspension occur, Dasein Academy of Art reserves the right to claim for the recovery of fees due, which are calculated on a pro rata basis. This is on the valuable benefit received by the recipient.
  4. Dasein Academy of Art reserves the right to alter, add or delete any of the terms and condition and scholarship scheme at any point in time as and when Dasein Academy of Art deems necessary. In the event of a dispute on the eligibility for the scholarship, the decision made by Dasein Academy of Art’s scholarship committee is final.
  5. Dasein Academy of Art reserves the right to involve the scholarship recipient in interviews, advertisements, photography or other publicity related activities for the purpose of promoting the institution.
  6. Each applicant must obtain consent from his/her parent/guardian. Non-compliance to any of the terms and conditions related to the relevant scholarship would result to a breach of contract.

*Kindly note that dates stipulated subject to change without prior notice due to changes / postponement of exams and release of official results.

Source: http://www.dasein.edu.my/admissions/financial-aids/

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