The word “environmental” encompasses a great number of specialities and sub-fields within the international economy. Environmental jobs deal with a range of climates from office health and safety to study of global warming. This wide range allows for a high number of professionals to study and help the environment in their own way though the list of environmental jobs can be daunting for new professionals.

It is important to select a speciality within the field of environmental jobs to avoid wandering from job to job. There are a few ways to select a speciality that fits your needs.

A simple review of job descriptions is a good first step in selecting environmental jobs that fit your career goals. Your ideal environmental position would feature hands-on work with flora and fauna affected by industrial pollution. This description is narrow enough to eliminate a good number of jobs simply by looking the job responsibilities laid out by the recruiting company. There are environmental jobs at zoos and forestry services as well as industrial companies looking for environmental experts but these jobs do not fulfill your overarching goals.

After you have cleared out a majority of environmental job listings, you can focus on growth areas within the environmental industry. You should look for keywords within a company’s job listings that relate to new trends in environmental jobs such as the use of ethanol or electricity to run automobiles. These keywords will help you identify environmental jobs that will be sustainable throughout your career.

A review of the number of people hired into a speciality can help you determine if the field is too crowded. You can use national labour statistics as well as information put out by industrial publications to find saturated professional areas. While a growing number of professionals shows a robust speciality within the industry, you also want to find a section of environmental jobs that is still undiscovered by most professionals.

The final step in determining the right type of environmental job is a review of your CV. You should compare the job responsibilities in an environmental job to job responsibilities you have had in past positions. You may be surprised to find a trend toward a speciality like green building within past jobs that will help you make your final decision. The best way to sort through the mess of details laid out above is to create a matrix of responsibilities, salaries and other job details to help you find your ideal environmental job.

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