Learning and teaching, a two-way road, perfect the cycle of life. One’s life starts with trying to adapt to the surrounding environment by watching those who learned it first: the teachers. The growing pains associated with acquiring an education intensify during the middle and high school years, where students begin to think about their future and ask: “What do I want to be when I grow up?” Some say science is good; others say computers, medicine, engineering, or something else.

The real answer lies within each student, not in the parents wish or the culture imposes. In my case, I found majoring in science to be a fruitful and rewarding journey occasionally faced with challenges that I did not always pass.

Student seeking a career in science should make this decision early. Choosing the correct high school curriculum and courses motivates, or discourages, students to pursue their goals. Ultimately, both outcomes are crucial to deciding what career they choose to follow. Building a solid foundation while in high school includes volunteering at local colleges, hospitals, clinics, camps, and elsewhere as a way of participating in ongoing research projects and studies. Such experiences are often rewarding. For example, they may strengthen one’s character and personality, lead to recognition through merit awards received at science fairs, and coauthored publications in conference proceedings and peer-reviewed journals.

Such factors help students gain admittance to their chosen college. Many of them may be eligible for research professors. The four-year college experience could include such accomplishments as outstanding academic standing, awards, published articles, and national conference presentations. All of these often lead to recruitment by various graduate schools or professional schools.

This journey represents the beginning of shaping one’s mind to become an educator. All graduate students must teach various classes and interact with younger minds. Before you know it, the cycle has been completed and a new teacher is looking after new learners. After all, teaching is learning and education is the ultimate goal and key to success.

Saleh A.Naser . Republished with permission fro ISNA

 Photo Credit : epSos.de @ flickr